Free Vent Server For all to use

Hi all RTW gamers!
i have set up a vent server that anyone can use!! it is hosted on one of my servers i own
It is in New zealand so may lag from time to time depending on where you are in the world but i am looking at getting way faster internet though
(the server may be down sometimes as i am still working on it but i need to stress test it and finetune etc)
the details are as follows...

hostname ---
port --- 3784
Password --- (no password)
Username --- (anything you want)

hope you can join and look forward :)
if you would like a game room added or even a private room with your own password for a clan etc comment and ill add it :)
you can also give it to your friends as i want this vent server to really get used..

hey man, our vent server in chch just went down and we are looking for a new one to use as our bf2 team (affliction) doesn't have comms at the mo. if you are sweet with us having a channel that would be doubly awesome. what version of vent is it running?

3.0.3 server its cool you can use it if you want just log on and i will set you up with one

swt dude thnx. will get on sometime this evening

Uhmmmmmmm.. Is it user hosted or paid?

NZ miiiight be a bit turnoff for everyone

But hey, ill check it out when I get home tomorrow

I may logon to it. Thanks as well OP!

its hosted off my home server i have switched to the older server 2.1.2 so you will need a old client to chat or ventmix
and yes nz is a bit of a turn off but i thought better i tell you guys 1st lol