Free to play War Thunder -

IM playing it for 2 weeks and i like it . Atm im only playing at arcade settings - im waiting for my new joystick to arrive . There are full sim settings as well for ppl that are into that kind of things :) .

So im posting here to see if anyone from The Tek community is playing it as well and maybe wishes to play together ....

I'll tell you now, joysticks are great for maneuvering, but awful for aiming and precision when shooting. But hey, dont let that stop you, some people are great with them. 

Yeah i got the joystick but Historic battles are still using mouse for minute aiming so you do not get advantage , full real battles are too slow for me atm :( ...

Next ill get oculus rift cos it is supported ! One more way to trow away money and then go back to arcade mode :)!

Use this link to start playing if you are interested plz and you will get some game currency for it and i will profit in long run !

To help sell it : it is like FPS in the air but more exciting cos you can go up and down not just left and right ! or something ! or if you are sim freak - there is no limit to your control to the plane even pitch of propellers and jet fuel mixture . If that does not interest you then just come and play and spend a month so i can profit and you will make me happy with that ! Ofc you want!

Played this with a group of friends during it's beta. Real fun stuff ^_^

It's also on steam now. 

It is really fun - Chivalry in air IMO !

I have to say im disappointed no-one actually used my link ... Why I was so straightforward with my need ! :)

I'm not much of a pilot, but I have that installed and waiting for when the tanks roll out.

Its really good if you can have a few ( 5 ) friends over and you can just mince people because you can communicate alot better haha

So true im trying to get 3 RL lazy friends to show some commitment . I wish to try German ww2 tactic of flying in circle and killing anyone who dares to come close to us ....

It was a week people why dont i have 9000+ Tek friends that used my link to try out the game ??? Do i have to get Logan to threaten you ?!?!?!?

P.S. Closed beta for ground forces ( tanks , tank destroyers , AAA etc ) is announced to start on 4th of December !!!

P.S.S. Use the Link to use the Force !