Free to play games?

I just built my first rig and now I have no money leftover :). So... anyone konw of any good FTPs that are out there?

I like all genre's.

Blacklight: Retribution

Tribes Ascend

Planetside 2

League of Legends

I'm sure there are more...

League of Legends x10.... you won't have a life for a good while if you can stick with it through the learning curve haha.


i used to play combat arms... that was free and fun (make a girl character, they are harder to hit). get the lightest body armor you can, and jump arround with a shotgun and sickle.... you are invinsible... lol

gunz is old, but it was interesting....

leage has been mentioned and is good.

thers some cracked coppies of ut2k4 floating arround.... thats a fun oldie.

toribash is a fun indy game thats free


Some of those games look pretty good.

Also dota 2. You can easily get a copy of that from someone.

Rift also went f2p in the past few days,  high quality mmo