Free t-shirt giveaway!1111!1!11!

Simply by attacking this IP address: I'm so cool.

Edited by logan...

This is how you get banned. Fuck off.

Edit #2 from Pistol: This guy wanted people to DDoS an IP, so here is HIS IP: have fun.


Im on it XD

He is prob. having us attack his annoying high school nemesis!

Why not, do it yourself! Google metasploit, or Kali Linux...

Wait so no free T-Shirts?  Totally disappointed.  :(


Would be better if it was some sqeakie coddie

Yay Logan! Too funny

glad to see the report feature works well

We seem to have strayed from the important thing here. There was talk of free shirts... and it now appears that Logan has seized them. REVOLT!


What's all the hubbub,  Bub?

Haha, thanks Pistol!

Seems to be spewing spam everywhere. :/

OOOOHHH now I get it --- thank you Pistol --- for helping out the slowest  person in the room :

Yeah, this is not 4chan

But, guys, did you think about the possibility that he/she is a 14 year old kid on his parents or grandparents PC?

perhaps putting that IP out there is not a very hot idea.

He won't be coming online for a while.

Can I get a t-shirt now?

This is how you get banned. Fuck off. - that is extremely unprofessional.

LOOL what a prick cant even hold down shift efficiently... 

no one gives a fuck about being professional, FOR THE BAN HAMAR