Free-sync over HDMI announced & Laptop with Free-sync

Yet I don't think any of their current cards have HDMI 2.0 support.

also I don't think most monitors come with hdmi, more of a TV thing really

and the laptop only has the 8800p which apparently is having a lot of issues with power delivery and performance. Though it at least comes with an M380 GPU so it should be fine, finally an AMD laptop that doesn't have a god awful 768p TN display

although for some reason on the PC world article it's listing the CPU as a dual core...which is odd, that would be yet another tough break for AMD laptops, which are always gimped in some way it seems

"The 15.6-inch Lenovo Y700 will feature a Radeon R9 M380 GPU and a dual-core AMD FX-F8800P “Carrizo” APU for $899."

wait maybe PC world is just following suit, with that one law suit

"two Excavator CPU modules (with 4 integer and 2 FP units counted as 4 compute cores)"

IMO, there are more monitors with HDMI than DisplayPort.

The fury does now through an adapter.

Sad, but true...
As far as I understand DP is extremely generic, which means it can be easily transformed into any other connector...
But Freesync over much more popular HDMI is a good thing... Basically one more door opens... Nvidia gets Gsync slapped in the face once again...

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