Free stuff inside!



Well, I got yet an other set of DOTA2 keys.


So if anyone does not have it yet, send me a message.


You must include a picture of your PC with your TekSyndicate forums nickname visible.

I can't take a picture of my PC now (away from home) but I can send you one in a few hours. I would like to reserve a copy - my Steam name is AwesomeTimeTraveler - you will see that I am in the RTW group, as well as the Tek Syndicate group.

postin for pick of nickname i suppose

I have 5. So far no one met the requirements I have set.

C'mon, it's free, and just a little game!

Not ON the picture, IN the picture. It forces people to take a recent picture and filters google-fu.


Do it right please. A piece of paper with a markey is the easiest way.

I have 17 Dota 2.... so if anyone need them, let me know.. :D