Free Steam Keys for Bastion, Limbo and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken - All Taken

As the title describes i'd be happy to give these 2 keys to the teksyndicate community i got them from a recent humblebundle as bonus but i already own them on steam. 

Anyone who's interested just drop a reply here i'll check after work who was first if multiple people responded and send the keys in a pm.

EDIT: I just noticed they added another batch of games without me noticing so i'll throw Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken into the mix aswell

Can I get Limbo?

I already have Bastion, so you can give that to someone else.  Thanks for doing this.  I love this community.  xD

Sure thing i'll send a PM right away

I already own Bastion, but I can take Rocketbirds off your hands. Be sure to give it to someone that actually want it, though- For me, it's just a library filler, so if nobody else wants it, I can take it.

I'll take bastion

I'll send you a PM

Just letting you know the code worked.  Thanks again!

I'll also try rocketbirds. Looks very interesting

Allright i'll send another PM

Thanks man

i would want limbo or anything of these