Free steam games (Humble Gift Codes) GONE

I need to come up with something for all these extra games I get instead of just putting up codes. I just hope/want them to go to a good home! Any ideas? If you give me one thats good, I'll give you first on my list when I get more.


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

Dust: An Elysian Tail


Go buy the Humble Bundle too, its really good this time around 4.44 for it all at time of post. Give the games you have away!

Plz let me know if you get them too, I like to know :) 

Looks like someone got it, hope whoever you are you play and enjoy them! They are awesome!


Also go get the bundle, its sooooo good, 4.45 and all the games

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams looks really neat

aww, it was already taken

It is really good if you like the old school type of platforming games. The sister change with two separate music scores is awesome!

Ya they go quick, I just wish people would let me know when they get them. Also I really want to do something to where not just one person speed grabs them, idk how to stop that though. Just want to help the Tek community, maybe get something going with people to post games they have from bundles they buy to give away. 

On other forums when we want to give games away we wait till someone responds then pm them the link.

I was going to get this bundle but Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is the only game I don't have on this bundle, might wait till they release other games, then I'll give away the other games.

Its worth buy early, the price goes up the longer you wait. it was at 4.29 noon today, when I got it was at 4.44. Thanks for the idea, idk why I didn't think of that (oh wait I'm stupid duh) I'll use that idea in the future. As such you shall be getting a pm when I get any games I have extra.

Damn missed cuz i was at work.

Man sorry! May start up a new mega thread for free games I/others have to give out

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