Free Star Wars Games

Fellow PC gamers, I have some leftover games from the Star Wars Humble Bundle. I would like to give them to anyone that wants them. Please reply below with the game that you want and I'll message you with the link. First come, first serve.

Here's the loot:

  • Star Wars: Republic Commando Redeemed

  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Redeemed

  • Star Wars: Starfighter Redeemed

  • Star Wars Empire at War Gold Pack Redeemed

  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 Redeemed

All games have been redeemed.

Got them all on Steam during the last big Star wars sale. :(

I'll take The Forced Unleashed 2 if it is still available. Thanks

I'd love to play SW: Republic Commando. I actually bought it boxed when it came out but my machine at that time couldn't run it. I think I finished it but it was barely unplayable (around 10fps). I remember it was ok but I missed there was no co-op for it. Anyway, now that I have a decent machine I'd like to give it a try. I traded my boxed copy for Imperium Galactica II

I would love to get SW: starfighter! My cousin had it when I was a kid and I was so jealous of him!!!

@BeardHat, @Willdrick, and @feelnhott, links have been sent via private messages. Have fun with the games! Empire at War and Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 are still available.

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I'd like the empire at war pack if you still have it!

@shuttlevvorth a private message has been sent with your key!

i would love this :)

Throws name in hat

He beat you to it by 6 minutes :( sorry about that.

No worries mate, he beat me fair and square :)