Free Single Player Game - RAFT [Win/Mac/Linux]

If anyone is looking for a free fun single player game
to play this weekend . I recommend checking out RAFT

it is currencly under development but very playable ,
you can see game play at

It is its available for MAC OSX , Linux and WIindows
and its FREE to keep (not weekend trail/demo)

You can grab it at ITCH IO store (not steam)

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Jim Sterling does a series about and while he often turns up turds there I finally saw enough to want to visit there and try out some games. Maybe I will give this one a go. Thanks for sharing.

After getting hooked into this game
and it supporting linux

They have updated the game and posted a blog post
They dumped linux and macosx support

Seems a bunch of people that actually "backed" / paid for this are annoyed
(fair call) , since it is often a thing not to pay/back until the linux build shows up
then they do a 180 and remove it , claiming because its a 3 man team
they basically cbf doing linux anymore