Free Rendering/Editing programs, overprices software & Pirate Party!


Hello my fellow TEKnician's.

I've decided to sart edit videos & such. for Youtube, moviemaking etc...

I noticed that Adobe Production Premium CS6 Windows 64bit cost 19 195 NOK(Norwegian) = 3464.67 USD

That, in my opinion is Insanely Overpriced. No wonder people pirate this! Which I might do, because there is no Pirate Laws in Norway, Yet. There is some SOPA like laws in discussion inside Sortinget, our parlament. But there is no pirate laws here at this moment.


The Pirateparty became an official party in Norway a couple months ago, they just want to Delete that law. I FINALLY have a party to vote for, even though this is my first time voting. I soon become 18. They don't take themself as solemn as other politicians. They don't belive they crate an utopia. Simply put a Libertarian Crypto-Anarchist Direct-Democracy Austrian-Economy Pro-Legalization party, in long terms. You might think what i will vote for is crazy, but all the other parties has their head too far up their own ass. The other parties have no show no respect for our Constitution, which is similar to the US Constitution & the French declaration of human rights in a lot of ways.

Anyway, I just wondered if there is any free, open source alternative too Adobe & Sony Vegas? List them below. If there is anything you want to discuss about anything i wrote here. Write then.




GIMP is a nice photoshop alternative and Open Movie Editor or Lightworks are pretty decent compared to premiere 

For Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

try Ubuntu studio

i've tried open source editors, and they don't work. try sony movie studio or adobe premiere elements

Gimp is not a nice photoshop Alternative, it is horrible, if you know anything about how in depth photoshop goes, gimp can't even do have the things PS does, and things Gimp can do, it doesn't do them right.

Honestly pirating is the best way to go. Piratebay has a lot of cracks for Vegas, so just fish around for one till you find one that works for you. I run Vegas and i love it. A lot of opions. Takes some getting used to and a lot of self application to learn how to use everything but once you do its amazing. You would need a decent pc for it to do most of the rendering and editing otherwise it just crashes or locks up on you.

Videopad Editor is a cheap alternative but not nearly as many options and editing tools.


Well, lightworks might be pretty solid:

BTW - The Linux Action Show is produced entirely on open-source software. I personally don't know the first thing about editing, but this shows if one is determined, they can make some pretty good stuff on open-source software.


I use a paid for version of Pinnacle studio's for my gaming vids...

Works a treat, and supports Nvidia CUDA, so my rendering is shit hot fast :D


Here is some examples with pinnacle:

They use a hackintosh for live streaming, so... nope, not rly.

I've tried windows and it doesn't work. Try linux.

Oh, wait.

You, sir, are full of shit. There is like one or two features gimp is missing when compared to photoshop. One of them is the CMYK color space. But hell, if you don't work in print you'll never miss it.

It takes time to get known to a new program but don't blame it because you want it to be exactly like photoshop. It's not photoshop.

To be honest, There is no real ulternative to Photoshop and the ulternatives to Premier are not cheap either. however a year or 2 ago, Adobe introduced a payed service, A subscription and I believe its about $50 a year. Dont quote me on it be I think its probably the cheapest option without being forced to use sub standard software.