Free Practice Materials

I'm going to start getting in more practice in substance designer, and letting you guys have the Practice materials.

I have no clue about copyrights, but good thing that I think they are a load of horse crap. One thing though, if you use it please credit me :D

otherwise texture away!

The folder has all the images(jpegs because unity hates .png files) as well as an .sbsar file that can be used to adjust the ammount of roughness on the brick in either Unity or Unreal. in the future im going to try and add more adjustable parameters.!lQk1DIjA!VyT8Tu_wrjqW2AUysJm8QA


Disrespecting peoples right to intellectual property copyrights... wow, not going to get on with you.

... fucking wow. Just wow.

For your information, Allegorithmic are actually a pretty awesome company. I assume you are unaware of Substance Share, which is a service they provide for users of their software to easily share content they have created (you know, like SBSAR's or spsm or whatever).

Also since you mention that you're using jpegs... I strongly suggest you do some googling to find out why jpeg's are a (very) bad choice for sharing textures.

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yes im directly insulting people with my ignorance of US copyright laws. shame on me.

Didnt say anything about allegorythmic being not awesome I love their software.

didnt know about substance share(filthy steam peasant user)

I know why jpegs are bad for texturing I said "(jpegs because unity hates .png files)". Dont know if anyone else is having issues with PNGs in unity 5

So you went with jpegs rather than any other file format because..?

And substance share has nothing to do with steam or non-steam versions of their software. Though it is a fairly new service.

Also not sure what US copyright laws have to do with anything since Allegorithmic are a French company. And in case it wasn't already clear your blatant double-standard of "I don't care about copyright unless it applies to me" is what is so unbelievable about your OP.

That's alright I can already tell you have no intellectual property.

have caution here @Cerimania. you are encroaching on dangerous, inflammatory grounds and I would appreciate it if you kept things PC and civil and not insult people's Intellect. You have been warned. I will smack your posts if I have to. That goes for everyone on this thread. You have been warned. Keep this civil or I will smack the crap out of your posts or close the thread.

I mean, I didnt realize that I would be taken so seriously on a relatively chill forum. However, I should have worded that differently and now the thread has been derailed.

I didnt expect to get replies similar to that of /3/.

Oh yeah and also substance share is a feature new to Substance Designer 5, I have since upgraded from substance designer 4.

Thnx for sharing ;)