Free PC Games

I was wondering what are some good free PC games.  My favourite types of games are RPG's.  We have slow internet so smaller game files are appreciated.    Any contribution would be appreciated.

Free RPG's are usally MMORPG as single player RPG's are hard to monetize. The one's I'd recommend are...

Neverwinter (big file size)

Tera (over 30gb download)

As for Free to Play shooters there are...

Team Fortress 2 (12gb)

PlanetSide 2 (12gb)

Tribes: Ascend (4-5gb)

Warframe (2.5gb)

If your into your Moba's you can try out...

League of Legends (5gb)

Dota 2


Here's are a few. Some may not be rpg's.

hawken      Fps shooter in mechs. Sort of like the new game for xbone titanfall.

war thunder   Mmo in old planes all the way up to jets.


Thanks i might take a look at Hawken and Neverwinter thanks.  Do either of you play them and could help me out a bit?


Hawken is just a mech game that reminds me of COD, got boring fast for me, but others will enjoy it.


Tribe Ascend is a really good F2P game.

I do play hawken but not very much. But atm my build is has no motherboard.

My personal favorite game right now is definetly SMITE. A third person MOBA thats insanely fun.

shadow warrior classic on steam is free

t.o.r.r.e.n.t.s. is a good game lol only kidding

world of tanks

Arctic Combat... Its pretty much the same as call of duty

Blacklight, World of Warplanes,