Free online protection!

Hello currently using malwarebytes anti-malware and is working like a charm.

But after watching one of  logans videos and him mentioning that extra protection is always better..


I was wondering if i should get extra protection.. if so drop your FREE recomendations in the comment section 


idk if this shit is legit but check this out


Also trying out COMODO right now

I tried Comodo, and didn't like it. It installed too much junk. I've used AVG and Avast, and I like Avast the best. using comodo for its browsing sandbox protection..which works verry well apperently.. i uninstalled its buddy thingie it came with..and the dragon browser is good so i kept it incase

Did it install other stuff?


What fetures does avast have that you like the most..or appeal to you the most?

same question for avg

Avast, just the real-time shield and custom scans. It does add a toolbar that lets you know what sites are safe and whatnot. As for AVG, I tried that for fairness more than anything. There is not anything that really stood out, but it wasn't bad.