Free Myst Steam Codes

I supported the Myst 25th Anniversary kickstarter. I only needed Myst III and Myst IV, so I have some extra codes.

Comment here with what you want. Limit 1 each. I’ll PM you the codes. FCFS

Up for grabs:

Myst Masterpiece Edition
realMyst Masterpiece Edition
Myst V: End of Ages
Uru: Complete Chronicles


If I had any time to actually play games I’d snag something, but good on you! Great games that should be enjoyed by everyone at some point :beers:

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Always wanted to play myst, but I canmallo buy it whenever I want.

Whoever snags that, let me know how it goes!

I still never claimed the keys from djes giveaway.

Maybe I’ll claim one of these. Never heard of the series. So I’ll look into the games.

i’ll take riven - love that game



Also, this is cool.

I’ll keep bumping this until they’re gone.

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Tis the season for last minute gifts. These are still available…

You’re not helping…

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I’ll take Myst Masterpiece Edition fuckit.


Send me a postcard.

I’ll send you a book.

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What color?

It’ll be a satanic bible.

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Which is the best for someone who’s never played myst before