Free MMO

I'm currently looking to get into a free mmo. However there are so many to choose from and I cant make up my mind of which ones are the best. I'm currently looking at lotro, raiderz, ps2, neverwinter, and runes of magic.

Which one would you recomend? Am I forgetting a good one? 

You can add dungeons and dragons online to the list.

A few old pay to play games are now using the F2P model, Aion,Tera and Rift spring to mind, not too sure on the limitations they set but all 3 were pretty good games.

Neverwinter kind of cool. Really liked the combat system in tera

I personally liked Vindictus (dungeon runner with beautiful graphics), Tera Rising is quite fun, Aion is quite good, Rift is now free and good. Lots of great free mmo's out there now.

Played Tera for 6 months now, gotta say a good MMO. They added 20v20 battlegrounds not too long ago, those are very fun and easy to get into. That would be my recommendation.

Look out for FFXIV i'm pretty sure after launch it will go F2P.  I did the beta, i'd say it's at high quality, also check out SWTOR, F2P as well. Really great story until end game, but all the races and classes are really well throught out, it just feels like one of the best MMO's i've ever played.

Neverwinter is an AWESOME game, i've been playing it for 2 weeks and all i can say it is ermahgerd

I recommend Neverwinter. The developers frequently add new content to the game and user-created content can be played too. 20v20 PVP is locked until you max one of your characters but the dungeons, skirmishes and domination matches provide ample multiplayer combat whilst you play through the main questline. The classes are really thought out too: wizards, rogues, healers, warriors, etc and the races complement each class well. The character creation feature is much more advanced than most F2P MMORPGs as well.

Ya, i am looking forward to seeing what they have done with Final Fantasy. The story lines in Swtor are really good but the end game blows.

Looks like i'll be downloading neverwinter. Thanks the insight  guys.

yes neverwinter you reach like lv 15 then you can make your own quest..

Tera Rising i reccomend HIGHLY.