Free Metro: Last Light at Best Buy!

Who Loves Free games I do and now avaliable for all! Metro last Night for 1 cent a deal to good to give up, i just got my confirmation email that they will be sending it to me soon and my people on twitter say they are putting it into steam right now, get'em while it's hot! I don't know if it's fluke or not but who cares! good Luck!

update: sale's over


awesome, did LL tank that bad though

Thanks for the heads up! I finally have a use for my old best buy gift card.

thanks for the heads up.. just bought it too.

it looks like it is for nvidia gpu purchases.

Nope People have confirmed to me that they have already gotten the code and put it into steam and it works. You can make multiple purchases of it too!

sold out. bought like 30


<--- Ordered 55 copies.

I only bought one. Because I'm lame like that.

Also, Order is still at processing. Anyone here actually gotten it yet?

really guys? i only ordered 1, are we going to have a perpetual metro LL for sale topic now?

rytak has

Yes. Because this will now be the For Sale thread LOL...

For at least three weeks..

waiting on my order to be approved, I believe they only removed the button that puts it in your cart not the ability to buy it, if you guys are handy with java you should still be able to work its way into the cart and order

still waiting on my serial... been like 45 minutes.

They said up to 8 hours to recieve the code.

May... May I have one?

They've cancelled all orders unless you ordered it really early. 

Mine is still in preocess.. Hm.

same here