Free Mail Server

Hay guys, can anyone recommend a free mail server?  Linux or Windows (I'm not fussy). Got a dell laying around doing nothing so thought i'd put it to use and with all the spying and sneaky sneaky, would be a cool project to play with?






get a $20/mo VM from somewhere like (if you don't want to self-host as you suggest you might be doing with the old dell)

follow this

subscribe to teksupport if that tutorial helps? :)


i've been wanting to get my own email server up and running myself. Self hosted

Thanks wedell this really helps (Have signed up for, The old dell is sc1425 and what I have been looking at is hmailserver? aw well as and and if you don't want to host yourself

prices are very reasonable and servers are in Switzerland...


other alternative:, also uses RoundCube, if you want to host yourself and literally want everything to be set up and work in a few minutes.

Thanks Zoltan, will check out your alternatives