Free / Low cost plone replacement

We have our internal website running on an old plone server from 2012. I would like to replace it with something newer to better support my users. The issue is there is little to no budget for buying an internal solution. I need to find a modern solution that can offer users the ability to login and made edits to pages assigned to them. I know basic html, css, and some php. I am not a web developer rather an IT support Specialist.

What are some good turnkey solutions for internal websites?

Wiki Server?

I second the Wiki server idea, the only problem is getting a wiki that actually has a nice layout. MediaWiki + Themes could be an idea but, well…

Another idea would be to use Teams + wiki, we use that all the time at my work. No need to keep a server running, of course it is in the cloud so… May or may not be feasible

Thank you, I will look into this.

I am curious, what was bad about plone? Are there some unpatched vulnerabilities in since the last update, v5.2?

It was a political decision made above my head. I wanted to keep it running.