Free Linux App Idea: Flatpak/Snap/Appimage Manager

Free app idea I thought of in the shower for anyone who wants it.

Make a manager for linux that is for Flatpak, Snaps, and AppImages. You linux your chosen repo’s in the app in a list and it lists all the apps in that repo or link in your general list of apps. Maybe have categorization implemented somehow, or just a giant list with alphabetization and a search, I dunno.

So how I think it would work is you get the app 100% blank. Then say you have flatpak installed on your system. So you go to flathub, go to the applications page, copy the link into the manager, and bam theres all the apps on flathub and anything that gets added in the future.

“Well that sounds an awful lot like an app store”

Then, say you want to install OpenToonz. Go to the site, get the link to the appimage, paste install blah. Then say you want to have a whole new system or set up this tool with the exact same configuration. Go to settings, hit backup save file, and it dumps your repos, theme, custom categorization, links, all that into a text file on your desktop. Then you go to your new system, run the manager, import your save, install all your shit again and never fish for the links. And because it just pulls from the sites directly you get the newest version of whatever app you have to get if thats a concern.

If a site is down, the thing doesn’t exist anymore, whatever, if wget fails rather than all that shit just exploding you have it say “Rest app for X amount of days” and you can’t use that installer for X amount of days for that app. It just grays it out. Or you just remove it or ignore it.

If you have anything you want to add to it go for it. Thats just an idea I had in the shower that would make my life easier that I wish existed and I don’t have the skills to make it happen.

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