Free, Interesting, and Simple* Indie Games

[*A note beforehand: Simple could be both the concept and the game itself.]


I've come across a plethora of interesting games in my life.  The majority of them being free, I'm on a hunt for a few games related to the title.  What I mean is, basically, games made via RPG Maker for example.  Simplistic and easy on the hardware, where framerate loss isn't even close to an issue.  They could be psychological, horror, both, or neither...really anything that makes you think, "Wow...that happened..."


If there are any games that you know of that fit those categories, pointing me in the right direction would be MUCH appreciated!  (:

Define "Simple".


Most of the indie games I like are complex.

I've always been a fan of The Experimental Gameplay Project.


It's basically a place where indie developers compete to make a game in under 7 days based around a theme.  Some of them are pretty lame, but it was the starting place for Tower of Goo and Crayon Physics, both of which went on to become actual games World of Goo and Crayon Physics Deluxe.  

Or did you mean more like SCP-087?  The survival horror game based in a stairwell.  That's pretty crazy.  There's another game based on the same concept called SCP-087B, that actually involves more puzzle solving and things. 

He and I play this game already together, and yes, similar to that xD

"Simplistic and easy on the hardware, where framerate loss isn't even close to an issue."  Meaning, it wouldn't take much at all to efficiently play the game and still be completely satisfied.

"You have now entered SCP 087-B..."

Aw much nostalgia.  ooooo all teh mods we did'd.  c:

you can find some interesting games here sometimes

Thanks for the info.  I'll definitely be browsing this site.  (: