Free Hyper 212 EVO mounting

So a while back when I was very inexperienced with building PC's, I basically destroyed my Hyper 212 EVO by grinding down the tip of the heat pipes to make it fit in the case. Not knowing how heat pipes worked at the time I thought it would be fine.

So basically I have all the mounting hardware Intel/AMD mounting back plate, the two pairs of plastic clips for the fans and all screws and bolts. So anyone who needs the parts I will be glad to send them to you. First come first serve.

Unfortunately I wont be able to send them out until December 1st so if you need them immediately, I am unable to do so.

I live in CA by the way so I don't mind paying shipping to your location.

I'll take them. My first PC three years ago had an Evo but was it was AMD and the tabs for the Intel mounting option on the backplate got in the way of my case, so I had to grind two of them off. Now I have a new Intel (well, 6 months old) system and I'm using a stock cooler on my 4670k /:

Okay will PM you sometime for the shipping address when I get the chance. Might be able to send it out Tuesday morning. (November 25)