FREE! giving away two matching xeon CPU's

hey yall...i have a pair of E5640's that i had in an old HP Z600 workstation which i ultimately swapped out for a pair of X5660's which i found for the right price at the time. that said, i now dont have anything to put these in. they work perfectly fine (or did three years ago when i pulled them) and i really hate to see them sitting here doing nothing any longer. its a waste....and i refuse to allow these become e-waste if someone out there could use them.

so, if anyone can and most importantly WILL use them, i'll send them to you for free (within the US)...they're obviously light so assuming it will only cost a few bucks so ill pay for shipping too so long as it isnt insurance though, sorry...

no gimmicks, i simply want other people to get the joy from this type of stuff as i have and if i can help to make this happen then great! i have come to really like this forum in particular. a while back i asked if anyone wanted to trade or give anything away to build myself a pfsense router and no one helped out, though i didnt expect anyone to so its all good! now its my turn to help if i can

so, first come-first serve of course but if you can pinky-swear youre going to use this pair and not just sell them for $10 on ebay then they're yours...let me know if anyone needs these

lastly, fyi, this line supposedly overclocks quite well on an X58 board though ive never had one to try, and obviously that would be single CPU application in which case i would ask you to give away the other one to someone else who could use it...also there WAS a dual cpu board from EVGA that could overclock but last i checked a year ago they were still going for like $500 on ebay...the E5640's do support AES-NI so for a pfsense 2.5 rig they should be great and likely overkill for many applications too

anyways ill shutup...curious to see if i get any going to bed so if people do want these i wont get back to you for a half a day at least, sorry!

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So how much are these? And the dual-socket ones? I still need to do some research to find out the answers to those two questions but I might be interested.

I would definitely use those cpu's at 100% load for the forseable future.

I am about to set up a NAS and also a separate encoding station. My AMD 8350 desktop is at 100% usage 5 of 7 days per week encoding video and it would be really nice to offload both the raw video and the storage of that video to another computer so my desktop can be used normally again. Setting up a combined NAS+encoding station that those CPUs would allow for would minimize complexity.

I have an extra power supply, SSDs/HDDs, DDR2 and DDR3 DIMM RAM, but would need the case/heatsink and will need to look into maybe needing a dedicated video card. Headless would be nice.

here are some X58 motherboards, of course you will have to determine what features you want though...but i have heard of people getting these to OC up to 4.0+ Ghz, though power consumption can skyrocket:

as for that EVGA dual socket mobo, i didnt see one on Ebay at a glance but here are the specs from Newegg:

they look badass to me but ive never had the money to get into it and these are really long in the tooth now to put that kind of investment into one imo (and dual cpu's would really suck a lot of power i imagine)

i personally REALLY loved my HP Z-series and would buy another one in a heartbeat. the Z600 and Z800 would be the ones to look at - buy one that is barebones with like a 2.0Ghz whatever and 4gb of mem, no HDD, then upgrade from there for instance. they use proprietary mobos and psu's BUT if you can deal with that they're great platforms imo...mine had dual X5660's, 48GB of 1333 ECC DDR3, dual SSD's in R0 with a cheap add-in PCIe raid card and an RX480 by the end and it would chew through everything i tossed at it. I wish i had a Z800 instead of the Z600 for the larger psu's that they offered (either 850W or 1150W as compared to the Z600 650W one) to add in another rx480 or something even bigger and badder but that was the biggest drawback that i saw to that series and you CAN get adapters or rewire them yourself to make a standard ATX psu work if you wanted to.

these will also go into the older mac pro's, i believe the 3,1 - 5,1....i prefer hackintoshes myself but its a possibility if you were interested

ok sry man im actually off to bed now but if you have questions or whatever lmk and ill get back to you later

if no one has a need for them, id take one to replace my 930s high tdp

The issue I'm having is the x58 platform is really enthusiast/server-ish. On ebay (US):

  • An ATX mobo for it is about $120+ single or dual socket,
  • ~mATX/FlexATX single socket for $140
  • An ATX case would be ~$40 (only have spare mATX ones)
  • Heatsink $30
  • RAM/HDDs $0 or about $20/8GB for ECC upgrade (x3= $60)


A single socket w/case and ECC: $250.
Assuming no RAM/case that is: $150.
Or dual socket with ECC no case would be: ~$240.

Used older Xenon and non-1366 systems are available for a lot less fully built. Even if 1366 Xenons are readily available, those X58 motherboards are seriously expensive. AM3+ AMD mobo's are like $40 and readily available in mATX.

I think the best idea is if someone has like $280 to spend to buy this:

And use it with ECC Memory and an ATX case lying around or if they already have an x58 mobo to just swap out the CPU. Thanks for the offer tho! Hopefully either of the above senarios fit someone else.