Free Games

My friend wanted BF3 and had all the other games. So I've told him rather than just not claiming them, I'll give them to people who will.

Here you go. Let me know what you've taken so I can mark it down as used.


Dead Space - Origin: 95P7-847B-8NKP-Y9PB-2KY5

Burnout Paradise - Origin: 84YY-6G34-P999-X4A6-N7YN

Crysis 2 - Origin: ES8Q-A5P2-7TJJ-X27T-VWWE

Dead Space 3 - Origin: 2WX7-VSDY-XHC5-LPAG-687Q

Medal Of Honor - Origin: C6B3-XALZ-7RHL-QAQD-4CPM

Mirrors Edge - Origin: B2MM-P2ZB-2HQW-XBE7-EER7

Dead Space - Steam: XK3PK-P0I98-T42LH

Burnout Paradise - Steam: QCEN8-RRE5E-Q9GHX

Crysis 2 - Steam: 6WNJX-0FDRY-BHH3P

Medal of Honor - Steam: NY6YI-VVN5I-7JZ66

Mirrors Edge - Steam: VJETA-4T9BM-HQ8WC

Please don't claim both the Steam and Origin keys for one person, lets get them around a few extra people that it was intended. ;)

i got mirror's edge. all the steam games dont work anymore

thankyou ^^

All codes are used -.-

Lol, if they're all used then someone has been on and ragged them all.

All that sharing and caring stuff you know.

Well, sorry about that. They were fresh codes bought about 5 mins prior to this post, sorry if someones been a greedy one. This is one reason why I get people to add me on steam on other posts, so that I know only one code goes out to one person.

Next time I have some codes I'll do it that way.

Better to do it through messaging on steam. That way you know who got them.

Yea or trought email.

you can add me on steam ^^ i swear i only have one

Don't worry. I trust you. 

I bet it was some lurker that took them all.