Free game and dlc today!

Hey you guys, guess what?! Their having their annual Golden Joystick Award, and their letting you get Bioshock Infinite for $! or 1Euro.... I don't know the euro symbol... If you already have this game, maybe get the code and give it to your friends or family, as a birthday gift or Christmas gift. I'll put the first link where you start voting, and the other link where you go to submit your information so you can get the $19.99 discount....I don't know if you have to make an account on the Golden Joystick Awards page, maybe do make an account?... ; Also origins giving away a piece of dlc for free, so if you have bf4 or your waiting for it to go on sale, I still think you should still get the dlc, because I don't know how long it will be free, so go get yours today!
Enjoy you guys! :)

Go here for voting
Then go here to your discount after your voting is done.
Here is the bf4 free dlc link

Thanks man!

Ta. Bioshock infinite for a quid... who wouldn't?

Thanks man!

Can confirm this works if anyone was skeptical

Downloading it for linux.

Just a minor issue...

Ello? What's this issue?

Make the account post voting or you need to make another, well I did anyway

Yeah still wont work.Doesent matter I torrent games anyway.

Whats going on? What kind of problem do you have?

Refuses to make account after the vote.

did you make an account?

your suppose to go to the first link, then make an account, then go back to the first link and start voting, then after your done go to the second link and fill out the form with your information, then they send you a code with that discount, also you gotta verify your account before you start voting, and probably a bit of fiddling with your portfolio on the voting site

Nice one, great spot thank you.
Downloading on Linux as we speak :-)

Cheers! Free DLC is always nice. I'm not big on Battlefield, but I do have BF4 in my Origin account. Someone I built a system for let me have the free game code that came with the AMD graphics card in lieu of paying me any money to put the rig together for him. Which was cool with me, I wasn't going to ask him for any money anyway.

Thanks m8! First bought game I'll have on steam. :P