Free Facebook on your ISP? Facebook chat Tunneling!

Seeing that a lot of ISPs are starting to offer free data plans for certain applications or websites (Whatsapp Facebook, Twitter) and given that all data is just data. I always suspected that it would merely be short time until someone abused that to circumvent having to pay for internet. So behold the Magnificene of this project Facebook Tunnel (github) by Matias Insaurralde. It's not ideal in that you still need an exit node somewhere on a different network, but it certainly proves a point. using these free data marketing tactics to attract customers is ridiculous.

I remember that in the past there has also been a facebook debug page that allows you to fetch pages as facebook bot. Try it here just change the q parameter to the echo page. However it does require a facebook account, so i dont know if it still works, since I deleted my account quite a while ago.

So what do you guys think about this? Know of anymore such fun projects?

This thing got me thinking! It really makes sense for me, because I have free facebook data on my mobile phone. And there's the catch, if this was to be field usable on phones, there should be a way to hack Android to route data through this thing, then every service on the phone could use it. Free data lolz ^^. Wish I had the time to work on this, this is a golden opportunity to save some moneyz by actually doing something interesting. Seems like the whole client side has to be rewritten to nicely blend into Android, if not the whole freaking thing. And in the end, I thing it would be insanely slow and unusable :D.

It's a great idea, but I'm pretty sure Facebook would rate limit you quite rapidly.

They actually do. But I'm thinking if it would be possible to qeue and bundle request data into massive frames and send it as encoded images and the same for the responses. Aside from that the facebook bot html fetcher is still quite viable. But yes, it is also insanely slow. HTTP over DNS like Iodine does is still faster.

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That could actually work quite well! But then you'd have the problem of a user requesting a lot of of data, and not receiving it until they'd requested a large enough amount. I suppose either way it is a lot better than nothing.

Yeah, It's a cool challenge, you could compress data, make it look like an image to make data more obscure, then decode on the client end. It would really be a heavy thing to do for every request our phones make (especially for a bit older ones like mine with an older dual-core cpu), pc's would cope just fine. Well it is a tunneling hack, so I guess you can't expect it to be fast :D.

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