Free equivalent of Windows Movie Maker that outputs @ 60fps?

Dear forumites,

I got into video recording/editing about six months ago and I need help finding a free equivalent of Windows Movie Maker that doesn't cap movies at 30fps?

Also, slightly off-topic, I currently have 2 drives in my ITX system: an SSD for the OS and a partitioned 1TB HDD for games and other media. The latter is also the drive on which I record gameplay footage. I reckon a single paritioned HDD that both reads and writes large amounts of data at the same time isn't the ideal setup? Is it recommended to get a third HDD for recording & editing exclusively?


Much obliged, Kai! :) Should I adjust the Bitrate as well? Default says 8000.

EDIT: Did a little test and got plenty of fugly artifacts in my video using the custom settings and default bitrate...

If you up the frame rate, you also need to up the bitrate. 

if 8000 is default for 24-30 aim for 10000-12500 for 50-60

Look to the OpenSource community. KDenLive, OpenShot, VLMC (VideoLan Movie Creator), Open Movie Editor or AVS Video, LiVES, and Blender.