Free Energy... Tek Syndicate Goal?

Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell combined with his static generator is, at the least, an intriguing battery, and a much more efficient generator... at the most an experiment could result in a legitimate source of free energy... (@ about 14 minutes, he starts talking about the WFC... @ about 25 minutes he gets into the science of it)

I would propose that if you reach a level of funding that you can afford investing in it... instead of talking about science, you could actually do some... it could expand the community to the people that create the things, and who doesn't want new knowledge?... I would suggest taking Meyer's patents and trying to make sense of the patent wording of "superimpose" (which presumably is "chemically react with") The patent is expired, and it would be interesting for a variety of people to follow... I'd personally like to see Wendell's mind wrapped around the ambiguity of the patent...

from what I understand, which isn't much... the water fuel cell works from resonating water and it's natural frequency (which can almost instantly boil water as demonstrated by this old guy: ) and dissolves the covalent bond of water <--- why is covalent marked as misspelled on the browser''s auto-correct? Anyways, the Oxygen atom acquires the electron of a Hydrogen atom, leaving the nucleus which is positively charged to produce it's energy... it's a triggered reaction and if stopped must be restarted chemically to continue... there's other magic there in some other liquids injected into the chamber... but that's about as far as I understand enough to explain in laymen's terms...

The static generator is an infinite improvement over the regular generator, however. you have charged ionic gas feeding into an electromagnetic pump which creates the flux when passing through the coil... assuming your water fuel cell can push the static generator, then you have free energy...

real science... do it ;)

Don't we already have this?

I have a friend who works there at their factory.

Whenever I hear that energy can't be created out of nothing, I wonder where the energy for universal expansion -- acceleration -- is coming from.

@NicKF ...No, that company uses biogas such as methane for power... a water fuel cell wouldn't involve combustion at all.. it's either a chemical reaction between Nitrogen and water making ammonia, or dissolving covalent bonds in water to produce a proton and releasing that energy...

Also, if it worked as advertised, you would NOT have to worry about turning a profit... at ALL...

@Mick Energy can not come from nowhere... that is a basic law of physics... the goal isn't to create energy from nothing as that would be crackpot and ridiculous... the goal is to tap into energy that is already there naturally (solar, harmonics, RF, radiation, planetary magnetism, etc)... if you extract more energy that it takes to power your device of extraction, it is possible to produce free energy... or at the very least a you would contribute working towards a MUCH more efficient model than the typical 30% efficiency of combustion engines...

I still wonder Panda, where does the energy that drives accelerating universal expansion come from?

Also, if you create a tiny machine, a hair with a little ball on the end (nm scale), quantum fluctuations will move the ball around. If the hair can generate a voltage, then that would be energy from nothing -- well, not really nothing, but it might as well be for our purposes. Energy from the quantum vacuum.

The original bang that created the universe. This stuff has been worked to death. free energy without anything being used isn't possible.

That is called Zero Point Energy.

That's my point StripedMonkey. I'm wondering why we don't question universal accelerating expansion. There's a force driving the expansion of space itself, and we have no clue about it. Think of the energy involved, something that can drive spacial expansion faster than light speed, and it seems to be pouring in at every point in space-time, all around us, from nowhere.

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It does not come from nowhere, as StripedMonkey said, it originates from the same event as all energy in the universe.

The universe appears to have from nothing (

If you are saying that there's an energy source outside our universe that leaks in, then couldn't we consider that as free energy? It's coming from nowhere we know of.

No that's not what I am saying. The universe is a closed system as far as I know, we don't know where the energy from the big bang came from if it came from anywhere, it could have been another universe before this one, or our universe could have appeared out of nothing but no new energy is getting in to the universe that was not there in the beginning of this universe, at least not that I have heard of and most likely not in any large amount that we would be able to harvest.

Understood :)

The part that confuses me is:

Space-time itself is expanding exponentially, meaning the volume of our universe's quantum vacuum is also expanding. Since the vacuum contains a crazy amount of energy, how can this energy already have existed in our universe? If the universe is a closed system and everything we see happening comes from whatever it was we were endowed with at the big bang, then where is this energy stored? It seems that as the universe expands, it gets more and more energetic.

If I understand your question correctly you are asking how the expansion can accelerate if their is no new energy supplied or if there is, where is it stored in the first place. Well... hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can answer your question.

Here's the thing, before the Big Bang we don't know what was there. Its impossible to know. You are talking about the creation of the universe. EVERYTHING. From every quark to every star in the visible universe was created in that moment. We assume that there was nothing before that because everything we know and understand about our universe began in that moment. We probably will never know exactly what is beyond our universe because there very well may be no way to escape our universe.

The energy of everything was somehow created and was in a speck of quantum soup smaller than the smallest atom that energy in that speck that was smaller than a virus is all the energy you see around us today. The suns broiling surface to icy glaciers it was all there. Suddenly less than a blink of an eye later it exploded into the size of our solar system, our galaxy. But even at the size of our galaxy the energy contained in that minuscule space is so much that even atomic particles couldn't form (And remember, this is the size of our galaxy.) slowly after trillions of years that energy spread out enough to form the atoms that we know and love today. That energy contained in every particle was created at that moment.

This is sorta where I loose people but you have to understand that (Ignoring quantum stuff that very well will never be usable for energy creation. I can't promise anything when it comes to that stuff. Its an engineers nightmare. Learning an entirely new set of rules that may or may not be breakable after the newest discovery) energy NEVER comes from nowhere. Every fool who has ever walked the world has tried and failed to come up with free energy generation and hasn't come up with anything. We understand things like this very well but have yet to come up with something that actually creates energy from nothing. Its hard to understand but its unfortunately true.

And as for

No its not getting more energetic, in fact we are seeing stars die and grow cold. More are created but there are far fewer now than there were in the beginning. The universe is expanding and expanding faster than you would believe but it isn't creating anything that we would understand as energy. Space is just suddenly existing... Its weird but doesn't mean that the very foundations of science are broken.

Well, there's the first point phenomena that everyone seems to be fascinated with... why do we exist? where did we come from? etc... there will never be a direct answer to that question... there will only ever be an accepted standard model to how the universe began and a theological model... I get the speculation and we should continue to work towards making sense of existence, since that's the existential concern of any being with cognitive recognition... Anybody that does work in that field, however, already knows that they are working towards an impossible goal to know for certainty how things began... I watched a 2 hour debate today with 5 distinguished scientists and a mathematician arguing over the definition of "what is nothing"... "I think, therefore I am"... that is the only thing that you can ever know for absolute certainty in relation to your own existence... Even if we could travel back in time to the creation of the universe we would be completely destroyed by the chaotic nature of forces in such a time if the theories are even close to correct...

As far as accelerated universal expansion? There's things missing from the equations and scientists speculate the missing factor is "dark energy" which is basically the scientific equivalent of IDFK... Dark matter is much more accepted... it attempts to explain the rotation of galaxies despite the "things we can see" need 5x more mass than they possess to rotate at the rate they do on the general relativity model of gravity...

At this point in the field of how matter came to be, it's a battle of beautiful physics equations vs fitting them to reality and several races to find the missing predictions of sub-atomic particles that balance these theoretical equations. You have to start from somewhere, but we're FAR from mastering our understanding of the 4 forces found in nature.
Hell, we can't say with certainty there is only 4. "I think, therefore I am", that's all we know for absolute certainty... and all we ever will...

Anyways, back to Stanley Meyer's work...

^- there's a terribly pixelated video of Stanley's water fuel cell running at the top of that page... it appears to literally make Hydrogen gas from water and can be lit on the top of the fuel cell... Obviously, at the core of it is a water resonation chamber... using the frequency of water to "boil" the water... I'm not sure exactly what is releasing the covalent bonds of the Hydrogen atom, but it's running on ~1/2 amp of current... Tesla did several natural resonance experiments towards the end of his career that turned out promising results for tapping into energy that is just, there already.... waiting to be tapped into... if he had left notes or had a qualified engineer to work with, nothing about this discussion would be tinfoil at all, we would have had free energy 100 years ago... but Mr. Meyer might have something revolutionary here and it's certainly worth looking into rediscovering the magic here

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Mick Here's something that actually came out a day ago that may or may not clear up some of your confusion on the creation of the universe.

I should go ahead and add... in string theory space-time can theoretically be ripped as represented in mathematics... which contradicts general relativity... so really you can only be ever so confident that a physics breakthrough has any teeth at all... light can travel faster than the speed of light apparently... some guy accelerated a laser... wasn't by much but apparently that isn't even a constant... Who knows what we know?

The thing is the quantum world and the macro world that we live in have two totally separate rules governing them...