Free Curse Voice Key

I dont need it. Dont use it. Here it is if someone wants it. 


I also have some keys.... if someone needs. Just message me


If you don't redeem them i'll give them to someone else.

Could you give me one? :3

I would love to have one! :)


Wait some hours, if no one redeems the keys sent ill post them here. I have 4 more and Curse said the'll send more once you finish them. 


Also if you redeemed one they will send you 5 keys, so share with our community please. 


If someone asks money for this just ignore them, this keys are free.

Hi, do you think you can send me one? My IGN is The Chineez Kid

Thanks a lot!

I've never used 1 Curse Voice Key, so I can't share yet. If I will have spare I will definitely share! :)

Are you able to post some keys now? Coz at UK it's 10:40pm already.




And thats all for now.

Thank you so much, you are awesome! :)

All of them redeemed!