Free Codes for Firefall from Gamescom

Alrite so this is my first forum post on teksyndicate. Been a silent observer for a while. But to the point, I was at Gamescom last weekend and I was a able to get a few extra codes for 120 red beans($15 in game currency) and free warpaint. I have five codes so first come first served. 





The game is free to play. This is not a steam code or anything like that. Once you create your account you apply the code in their.

Game Website:


If you do have anyquestions feel free to contact me.

Harro :)


(ill take one)

It has been sent to you in a message, enjoy.

I dident know squat about it till the com but it seemed interesting had to catch up on some work but I am downloading the client now. Did you want a code Pawn.


ill take one please :) email:[email protected]

so that makes two possibly three left. If for what ever reason anyone as a problem with their code just shoot me a message.

Got one! many thanks :]

I'll take one!

I got into the beta a while back from a friend who have given me a code. I really like the game, I wonder if I can still get a founders pack.....

I saw they are still offering some starter packs untill the 31st Dr. Jetix I will be sending your code in a few minutes.

Got it thanks!

Yes please.

Thank you so much for your comunity spirit :)

Got any more if so, thanks!!

Hey J_T_ it wont let me send you a message, send me a message or something so you can get your code.


So, I guess it's all taken?

Alrite all my codes are gone. If you did not get one I am sorry but i hope those that did enjoy.