Free Borderlands 2 for xbone

Not sure if this is a fuck up (in which case it may be fixed soon) but you can get unlock codes for the xbox one version of the Borderlands handsome collection for free from the microsoft store.


claimed it even though i dont own a xbone lol.

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Who knows, might work on windows 10 too

sad thing is i dont have windows 10. i have windows 7 and mint :D . but oone of these days i might get the super xbone and ill have a game on it lol.

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Odd, I claimed it, says I own it on the Microsoft account side, doesn't show up on the Xbox side of the site, and the microsoft account is the same on the xbox.

Thanks for this one OP! : )

This is still up at 830 central time on 28 October so it's probably not a bug. Grabbed mine, thanks for the heads up OP.

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