Free 8-bit Beyonetta on PC


OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
Memory: 1 MB RAM
Graphics: Graphics: DX9 compatible with shader model 3.0 support
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 60 MB available space
Sound Card: DX9 Compatible


Cool. Thanks for sharing.

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This is a clever prelude to the announcement of PC version of the real game. SEGA has said in the past (a few years ago) that they want to port as many of their games to the PC as possible. I was hoping to see Yakuza on the PC, but I'll settle for Bayonetta:

I know it's April 1st, but Ubisoft also used April's Fools day to announce Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and that wasn't a joke. These jokes are usually obvious anyway, so I'm pretty sure that this isn't an April's Fools joke.


There is actually a count down Web page... My guess was B3, but if it is a PC version of B1 and B2 I will be a very happy gamer...

I haven't heard about this. Holy balls. If they release Bayonetta on PC I will buy the hell out of that. Also Dante's Inferno would be very nice to have.

Thanks @psycho_666 for sharing this. : )




You da real MVP @psycho_666. 

Now find moar free stuff.


Does Fallout Shelter counts?

A couple days ago there was free Overlord giveaway from codemasters... I'll try to find the link...

PS: There you go...

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