Freaky FreeNAS

So this is very weird, I have a very new to me (used) FreeNAS setup from ebay (another member here bought the same thing). It came with 9 drives and has 12 capacity. I took from my old FreeNAS setup 3 drives to make for a full 12 drive setup.

I’ve now booted it up and clicking storage, Volumes, there are /mnt/ZFS my old volumes (Backup, TVShows, movies, reolink etc).

I thought it was hard enough to swap disks in FreeNAS, but wow, just wow, amazing.

I’m in disbelief I threw in an odd match of Z1 disks to a bunch of ‘fresh’ disks and FreeNAS recovered the volumes (granted its listed a degraded). I really didn’t give FreeNAS that much credit.


If only I could get mine to be stable.

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What’s wrong with yours?

Update to mine, I swapped out three 2tb drives because of unreadable sectors. One is from the eBay vendor (actually the worst one, it shows as 0tb in the GUI) so I contacted them.

Currently moving my backed up data to a pool/smb and I don’t have fancy 10+g networking at home… It’s going to take days lol

Sometimes the monitoring services just die randomly, sometimes the network shits the bed. It needs a reboot about once a month it seems. Could be my hardware. Just an old haswell box I had laying around. Its far from the ideal freenas setup.

Sucks to hear, I hate trouble shooting Gremlins.

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That’s OpenZFS for you :slight_smile:

Talked about the good, now the bad (and its not FreeNAS, its me…), zpools, datasets, shares, its just not intuitive and the GUI doesn’t help. Every time I want to setup storage, I need to re-watch a few youtube videos that go over “the basics” so that its setup right with the right permissions. IMO it just doesn’t have to be this difficult.

I know I know, its being knit picky, better that the nuts and bolts work well and the GUI is meh vs. great GUI but you loose data to bad underlying file system.

Soon I will finally dable with iSCSI on FreeNAS to serve space for VMware VMs on another host- over 1G… this will be interesting. I see expensive networking gear in my future.