FRAPS lag testing

When playing Team Fortress 2, I get about 130 fps.  I'd like to record my games with FRAPs.  When I try doing this, the game can become unplayable, to about 30 fps, with lag spikes dropping it down lower at times.


My build:

AMD Phenom II X4 840 Overclocked to 3.5 Ghz

8 GBs RAM at 2200 Mhz

Radeon HD 4850

Win 7 x64

Windows and TF2 are installed on my SSD

Fraps is recording to a different hard drive, formatted NTFS with 64kb block size.

I've disabled Microsoft Security Essentials on the recording drive.

I've disabled Windows System Protection on the recording drive.

Fraps is set to record at 60 fps.

I do not know the write speed of the recording drive (is there a free way to benchmark this?)

Even though the following things may help, I'm not willing to compromise these:

1) Recording without sound

2) Recording without external audio (my mic)

3) Turning down my resolution

4) Recording the movie at half the resolution


How can I determine what my bottleneck is that's slowing down fraps to unacceptable speeds?

Turn off force lossless rgb and set it to record half size other than that there is not much you can do it comes down to your processor your ram and your hard drive.