So, i bought a pair of Numark PHX DJ headphones a while back, and it was a terrible buy.

The sound is fine, they play good and isolate sound really well, but the guys at Numark really shouldve asked a real engineer to look at the blueprints. The wire for the left earcup runs through the arch and is glued on each extremity of the inner side of the arch. Result? everytime you stretch them to put them on top of your head, the inner side of the arch expands and it pulls on the wiring. After a week, the left side wasn't working anymore.

Wat do? Well i had a spare Zowie Hammer headset with a broken mic mute button. Zowie jsut sent me a new one and this one was just laying around, so i kept it for spare parts. 

I mean, why would i pay another $150+ for new DJ headphones when all i need is for these to play reliably, right?

So i disassembled the arch from the cups, disassembled the arch assembly(The screws are behind the Zowie sticker logos), and i took the cups from the Numarks, tore them off their arch and attached them to the Zowie one. New wiring, 15 minute soldering job, duck tape, and they work like a charm!

Here's the twist: headphone wiring is EVIL. They are covered in some clear polymer bullshit coating that you have to burn off with a blow torch before you can solder them together, otherwise no contact. It stinks, it's highly toxic and it makes headphone repairs almost impossible without at least a blow torch.

My next step is to buy better wiring and solder it to the drivers directly, and pass it inside the arch where it belongs.

Heres the temporary result: