Framework's Modular Laptop : Discuss!

Not familiar with the Framework’s BIOS, but my Asus Zephyrus M15 includes an undervolting option in the BIOS to work around the software lockout. May be a long shot but might be worth checking.

There’s no option in Framework’s BIOS.

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So the 12th-gen Intel mainboards are now available for pre-order:

we see results that are double the last generation i7-1185G7 processor

and from Nirav on Hacker News, talking about Linux battery life:

we see around 0.8%/hour on 11th Gen and around 0.4%/hour on 12th Gen Framework Laptops in s0ix.

Finally, there’s also a 2.5G ethernet expansion card coming.


I started using mine with a Lenovo dock. Would be cool to get a 2.5G Ethernet adapter or a dock that supports it.

honestly the repairabliety BUT dose it really matter about upgradability ? 99% of people including myself see and use laptops as a tool they spec them for what they need keep them three to five years my last laptop was a late 2013 macbookpro 15 that i kept 7 years. and the way that tech moves nothing inside it was worth carrying over.

I’ll more than lightly get lots of hate for saying this but feels like a extra exspence for almost a gimmick that i dont see more than a very small precentage of people taking advantage of

@ucav117 You really did miss that point, didn’t you.

I guess I did

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Why would it. You saved 5 watts at a battery voltage of probably 19 V? So 0.263 amps on a 30 amp hour battery?

Below 35 watts you see diminishing returns as you approach 15 W

Still waiting for them to ship to my region at the very least…

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Does anyone here already have the mainboard with a 12th generation Intel processor. I would be interested in the benchmarks (Geekbench 5 preferably). The benchmarks I can find online vary a lot since they seem to be from totally different computers with different TDPs and cooling solutions.

Unfortunately they are not some major corporation that can immediately ship world wide.

They will open an office in EU soon (and maybe get hardware there)

If they could come out with a 17", 99 Watt hour version, it would be 'Take my money!" situation for me.

Mine (1260P) just arrived, in case anybody else has questions I can answer.

Windows 11 “Balanced” - 28W PL1 (single core seems to be limited to ~15W package power draw)

Windows 11 "Best Performance - 30W PL1 (single cores unlocked, single threaded compute hits thermal wall at ~22W package power draw)

I did not benchmark the “Best Power Efficiency” setting which limits PL1 to 15W.
As per specs, 30W package power seem to be sustainable indefinitely at ~85-90° (89° avg according to HWInfo after 10min Cinebench R23) which is much more conservative than my Dell XPS 15 (9500) which basically always pinned the CPU temps to 100° even after falling back to its base power draw.

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Out of interest, what kind of Cinebench scores are you getting after an extended test?

Cinebench R23 (with the default 10min window):

Balanced / 28W PL1: ~8826
Best Performance / 30W PL1: 9650.

Alder Lake-P is an absolute beast. My old XPS with 12750H @45W reached 5736 (although it stayed a little quieter).

Or did you mean even longer times of full load?

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Kind of fun watching a Mac guy getting his mind blown by the Framework.


Thank you for providing the benchmarks!

Had to service some laptops recently.
Was a huge PITA to even get to the thankfully not soldered RAM. Involved almost breaking things because stupid clips and glue.

I want more of that there!

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I don’t work on laptops every day, but most of them are a pain to repair/upgrade. That is, if that possibility even exists (lookin’ at you, MacBook.) I’m tempted to actually buy a Framework, but I already have two laptops, so it would be rather redundant. I would also like to get a sense of Framework’s longevity…will they be around in 3 - 5 years? (This is critical for securing repair and upgrade parts.) To know that, I’d need to see some sales numbers or a profit and loss statement, or … something. I’d also like to see dedicated graphics, or at least a non-sucky iGPU (whether that be AMD or a future Intel SKU.)

Another rumor I’ve heard is that battery life on Linux is pretty meh. I’ve only heard that from one source, so I’m not sure how true it is.

@sapiens The video I posted above has a 12th gen Cinebench score, I think from the 1260P if memory serves. I think it was ~8800.