Frame Rates CSGO

Just like a lot of gamers I am a big fan of Counter Strike Global Offensive. I play the game and when I have the time, I follow the streams on tournaments aswell. However there is one thing that I cant't ignore.

The game when its streamed or like posted on youtube its look so much better and smoother. Any idea how does works?
It couldnt be just the fact that i have a 60hz panel right?

*Note: FPS is like 300 so its a loss of 240fps.


If you are getting 300fps and you have only a 60hz panel you will only see 60fps on that panel. The reason why that Youtube or Twitch streams look better is that they add filters to the video to make it look best as possible to appeal to the audience.

So the filters are a thing that the player doesnt see? Also, i know 60hz doesnt have any benefit of any more frames than 60. Would capping this change it? And computer mode vs tv mode, just read it some where. Any ideas?

Also the timing between each of the 60 frames per second is consistent, while when you're live rendering the actual game it can vary.

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Turn Vsync off and it'll be much more reactive.

When I have it on, it feels like every control has really bad acceleration.

thats because of the buffers isnt it? Would a cap on 60 or 65 be better than vsync and optimise it all?

Yeah, a cap at your monitor's frame rate should help stop tearing and you won't get that lag that Vsync causes.

If you put it in 4:3 the FPS goes up. I don't know why but I'm comfy with it. Probably because of combat arms.

Thank you all! I'll try console commands later. I will do the fps cap and tv/monitor mode and tell whats best for what i was searching for.

It's because of frame times. Videos are pre-rendered. There aren't any new frames being drawn so there's no delay between frames. Gameplay is different. Frames are constantly being drawn and frame times between frames vary.

That being said, I managed to achieve pre-rendered smoothness by running the game in borderless mode. I have no idea why or how that works but on my system it just does.


I have tested every thing from monitor mode to television mode. VSYNC with all the buffer (yes it makes it slow but its smooth)

Limited the frames form 300 to 150 and aswell as 61 so it would be always 60. When this happend it caused a lot of screen tearing. Not sure why but its probably because of the GPU not being able to do what it wants so it kinda screws up with displaying the frames.

To bad that you cant change the settings so it will be like a demo or youtube upload. Maybe there will be a plugin for CSGO to make this happen. Would appreciate it.


Usually for source engine games you want to limit the framerates to 2*refresh rate + 1.

Right click cs:go -> properties -> set launch options

So, for 60hz monitors, you'd want 121fps. Put: +fps_max 121

144hz? 144*2+1 = 289. +fps_max 289

You mean in steam libray going to the properties or when you boot it and with the icon? Cant this be done with a console command or does the source engine not go well with sudden in game changes?

Yeah, you right click the game in your steam library and go to properties.

I'm not sure if it'll work in the console. Never tried the +fps_max command in the console.

Okay will try later today. I used the console command which caused the tearing but that could be because of the value i used. Maybe i should try multiple things such as for my 60hz monitor 121 fps, 181 fps, 241 fps

Pros and streamers use 144Hz monitors usually and they keep their FPS around 170 to 270 fps. The key is to get the most stable high number of fps possible.

Took me 6 months to get a kill so for me 60 hz is ok till I get better:)

Lmao I've been playing for 8 months on a 60Hz screen and it aint that difficult. Just practice, you should download aim maps, they are insane.

Thanks man:) I am doing allot better now that I go with the unofficial maps and do my best on "office"
I also do allot better after 2 am, I could not figure out why till it occurred to me....thats when the bars close.

Watch videos to learn callouts, whats pro-matches... Just get yourself some CS in your life and practice and you'll be better in no time.