Frame rate difference between screen resolution

first time on the forums here!

SO just recently my monitor, a 1080p HP, pooped out. (im on my laptop now)

I know for a fact my grandma has an unused monitor that she will let me have if i ask nicely enough.

I also know that said monitor has a resolution of 1600x900. so my main question would be, if i moved from my 1920x1080 to that smaller resolution,what fps differences would i expect?

for example on my current rig i am able to play BF4 at 1080p on Medium settings and get constant 60+ fps. what would i expect to happen moving to "900p"?

They would probably jump up. To what I personally do not know, lower resolutions kill some multiplayer games for me. I also don't know how this would affect the field of view.

P.S. OP better be doing some yardwork for his grandma.

You will see a gain. How much? i am not shure.

Moving to 900p you could probably get all high and maintain 60 fps maybe a few settings on ultra.

well fair enough, and yes i do stuff for the grammy all the time