Frame Buffer copying

I vagly remember Whendel doing a video where you could with relatively low latency copy the frame buffer from one GPU to another GPU to display games rendered a Windows VM on the host Linux.

Would it be possible to just do this without a VM just in windows, so that like the current hubub you could render on the Nvidia GPU and display on the AMD GPU.

I am interested as I own a 1080 TI and am thinking about buying a cheap 1080p 144Hz monitor which has freesync, and I could just buy something like a r7 260 second hand to display and use free sync.

Would something like that be possible? Maybe Wendell could look into that if the answer isn’t obvious as the interest in this seems pretty high and it would be nice if there was a way to get the same or greater functionality as the current hack, but do it in a way that Nvidia would fine more difficult to circumvent.

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I didn´t even know the R7 260 suppots freesync, but apparantly, it does.

Would be interesting to know and then I can probably find a use case for it^^

See Gsync/Freesync hack


I literally just got a notification from UFDTech on youtube about a new video where he’s got Freesync working on Nvidia somehow.

Haven’t watched it yet, but look for it…