Fractel disign difine r4

When i was watching the video about the $5000 dollar editing rig  i had a question about the case. In the video the fractel define r4 was chosen as one of the options and i really love the r4 but i was wondering if the cooling capabilities of that case are enough for the system. I'm asking this question because I would like to make a PC with the r4 as the case. I was just wondering if the r4 would create a good enough airflow.

The cooling capability seems good enough:

Front: 1 x 140mm and 1 x 120/140mm,

1 x 140mm - side panel,

1 x 140mm - rear,

1 x 120/140mm - bottom,

2 x 120/140mm top - positions also support 240/280mm radiators

Got the specs from Newegg

Yes the R4 has good airflow. I think it has something like 7 fan slots most of which are 140 so if you load the thing up then you'll have great positive pressure and a cool and silent case.

The fans inclused do prety good, i have one with an extra 140mm in the front and it doesent have a single problem with a 7950 and 3570K Oc'd on a hyper 212, even at 5v so theres not much airflow its only a 1-2 degree difference from when the fans are at 12v (100%)

thank you very much for the feedback.