Fractal r4 kraken x60 wtf

Here is my build

Will the kraken fit in the top of the case I cant get a straight answer online just speculation

If I have to mount it in the front then how should I set up my fans for best performance

U really dont want to have to mount it in the front but will if I have to

You might have to fiddle around with it to get it to fit in the top, but id suggest fron mounting it anyway as the tubes are long enough and it would give you good positive air pressure in the case.

I need more detail please

I really wish NZXT had a list of compatible cases for this cooler.

... they do on there website.

Then why haven't we given a straight answer yet???

Yes, the X60 will fit in the Define R4.

Here's ther chart:

That chart dosnt mean it fits the argument is that it will hit the motherboard

I doubt NZXT would say it is compatible if it wouldn't fit due to the motherboard being in the way. You could always get the measurement of the thickness of the cooler and fans and take a tape measure to the case. If you don't have the case already, find a store that has the case on display.

the kracken is pretty thin for water cooling since its so wide, I should fit with at leas a 2 fan configuration, no garuantee with push pull 4 fan though

Im just going to give it try im sure if it dosnt work then ill make a post about it