Fractal or Nzxt?

Ive been picking out parts for my pc build,but I cannot choose between the fractal design core 1000 or the nzxt source 210 elite.I want a sleek looking case that will fit in with my desk well and there both very sleek,but they both have there extra pros that make them stand out.The fractal looks nicer and is a very small form factor case.The fractal has more features,and is larger which allows more upgradability options. I wanted to ask you guys if you had any experience with these cases,and if you can recommend me one of them.

The Fractal Design Core 1000 is a micro-atx case and is not bigger that the NZXT Source 210 Elite. It really depends on what form factor you want.

I would go with the NZXT 210 Elite. It will have better cable management.

if you grab a modular power supply, get the Fractal.

The Core 1000 can have good cable management, you've just got to be creative :)

*Note: this is not my build, I just google image searched the Core 1000 and this came up