Fractal HTPC

So I decided I want to build a HTPC. Here is the parts so far:

The Node 304 looks like it has pretty decent cooling. My question is should I use something other than the stock CPU cooler? I won't be doing OC. Gaming on this won't be very intense, for obvious reasons. :P Other question, is a 450W going to be good if I decide I wanted to throw something as big as a 7870 in there down the road? Is there also a place that sells Windows for something better than $100? I thought I heard MS Marketplace come up but was unable to find anything. Is also any reason the the mobo wouldn't fit the Node? I don't know why partpicker says its incompatible when I chose a mini-atx mobo.

First of all, don't get red RAM with a blue motherboard; that gives me nightmares.

Secondly, get Promilatech PK-1 instead of Arctic Silver 5. PK-1 out performs AS5 by a good 5-7 degrees C, making it the best thermal paste out there.

Thirdly, I would get a lower-end air cooler and some good fans. The stock cooler will be loud and poorly performing; something like a GemenII 4 and a 120mm Cougar Vortex fan will do. Not necessary, but aesthetically improving, and definitely thermally improving.


450W will be fine; just get a good, solid PSU with a a strong single 12V rail. Never skimp on it; look into the Rosewill Capstone series.

micro-ATX does not fit in a Fractal "mini-ITX" case.

try this:

Fuck, I can't believe I misread that shit. I also have another question. Can I install Windows onto a HDD and then plug it into multiple computers and have it boot from them? I thought I tried this quite a few years back with XP but I don't remember the results.

Ok, being the dumbass that I am, I forgot to add a DVD drive so I had to edit the case:

The HDD I chose is a 6/gbs but there is an ASUS mobo for $40 less that had SATA3. Will I see much of a performance hit going down to it? I don't really care about sacrificing the USB 3.

Wondering why you spend so much and get, lets say "Gaming grade" components for a HTPC.

Will you be playing games on this like a console, or like mine... Just watch films and stuff with XBMCbuntu?

I prefer high quality parts. If I spend cheaply then I could end up paying more in the long run to replace the crap that was included. I won't be doing a lot of gaming and mainly just older stuff like World in Conflict that requires a fairly decent system.