Fractal Design vs Cooler Master vs Corsair

Deciding between these three cases:

Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl Window

Cooler Master HAF XM Window

Corsair Vengeance C70


Which do you think is best ( here these are almost the same price) or which one would you pick?

the C70 is a nice case and all, but i have a Define R4 and its amazing, there are some small gripes i have with it, but other than that a solid all round case.

Cooler Master make some nice cases but the fans they give you with them basically need to be thrown in the trash the instant you get the case. (They are loud and not very effective)

I'm starting a build with the fractal design arc 2 midi... It just looks really classy and I like that.  Same goes for the r4.  Really a nice look.

The corsair has a ton of fan capacity and is a very solid case... plus it has handles which is awesome.

I would recommend watching Linus's video on the C70 and Logan's video on the R4.

Fractal Design Define R4 

Go for Corsair. Heck I'm getting a Corsair 200r case tomorrow to upgrade from a Cosmos 1000 for SSD support. :) 

I have a Cooler Master HAF X 942. I personally think the fans are great. 200 and 230mm fans are quiet and move huge amounts of air. Guess you can figure my vote.

I have Fractal Design R4 mainly got it because it has ->Dust Filters<- on all intakes and you can put either 120 or 140mm on all fan spots depending if you need static pressure or cfm.

And the pressure is balanced 3 fans intake 3 fans outtake. ( psu facing down ). It has WINDOW :D

My build has:

Noctua NHd-14

6 Noctua NF A14

ASUS Gtx 670

Seasonic hybrid psu

And the best part! When i turn it on i can't hear it atall. Exept when i need to use HDD - that thing is probly making most noise.

How are the AF 14's i was gonna pick up a pair but no one had them in stock ?

Now im stuck using spectre pros, which can be loud but do move more air the the SSR2 fans that come with the case.

I really like the R4 and the C70; both are solid choices. Go with what looks best to you (out of those two).

doesnt the arc 2 midi r2 have better airflow than the r4 since is not covered foam all over the place?

If you can spend a couple bucks extra the NZXT H630 Is a very nice case! ($149)

I have just picked up a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 and it is immence! Went for it after the review posted on here and it really is excellent.

The build quality is great and feel very solid. It looks outstanding too. I would go with FD purely because of how impressed I am with my one.

Fractal Design if you like simplicity.

Cooler Master if you like portable cases and lights.

Corsair if you like elegance.


Personally I like the Cooler Master Storm series, especially the Storm Stryker, which is a mobile full tower with tons of room and cooling options.

NZXT also has some of the best cases on the market.

Fractal Design arc midi r2 all the way!