Fractal Design Torrent (Compact) possible flaw


just built a new rig last week. Stumbled upon a possible problem just now.

The case uses those short stroke switches and whenever you touch the top right side where the USB-C and the reset switch are (plugging in/removing something USB-C or holding on to remove the front) the reset switch will be triggered. Although no audible click happens.

Can anbody reproduce?

I don’t have such an issue. Maybe something is stuck between the switch and the button?

Otherwise contact fractal. The case is quite modular and they seem to have good support. They can probably ship a new top assembly to you without the hassle of an RMA. In the meantime you could probably disable the reset button on the OS level or unplug it from the board to prevent data loss.

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I agree with this, contacting the manufacturer can also save you from having to send back the entire case saving time and reducing waste.