Fractal design Help me choose!

Getting the new Fractal Design case Help me choose which color?


The last one in gun metal.

Looks like a cheap Antec P18x ripoff, probably with plastic all around it

It's alu and steel.

It does look similar to the p180
but the interior is 10X better the exterior of the 180 is a lot sexier though imo.

I'd get all black.

Thought I'm curious, why do you buy cases so frequently?

i like it in titanium more but it still looks sexy in black and isn't this case still the quietest on the market? be good for a media centre build if thats the case.
ohh and also according to alot of reviews for this case the stock cooling is meant to be terrible so get some fans to add to it while your at it ;)

Definitely the titanium. Then all you need to do is a nice window mod and add several LED's in it!

Throwing the P183 into the mix

P183, but in the color that looks like the titanium one, if they still make those. If not the P183, then the Titanium.

antec p183 = better stock cooling
fractal design = unbielivabley quiet
so it all depends on wat you need more

Here the situation.

Pros: Nicer exterior, better stock cooling, looks sexier
Cons: non painted interior, sub-par cable management,

pros: Much better cable managment, nicer interior, painted, black and white theme, cpu cut out hole
Cons: Uglier outside, not sure how quality it is (new company)

Price wise apparently NCIX has them on pre order for $100 CAD

So I dont know what to say. I like both.

well i personally like the fractal case tho i do get your point about them being a new company but even tho the p183 has a prettier extearior but the fractal isn't exactly ugly you know ;)
plus the cut out hole sold me on it XD

Thats pretty much how I feel

Fractal for my vote.

You would be helping out a new company and razetheworld in case they suck or rule.

You never know, you might like it!

Tell them you work for RTW and would like to review the case.. Then you get it for free.

Uhm, I would love to do that I have a channel with a 137 subscribers with some decent videos. I could do a video review and a written review. BUT! I have to see if its ok with logan and qain first.

Technically I am from RTW but I don't own the site.

It would be pretty fucking great if I can because I am going to have to work my ass off this summer to afford a new case and gpu.

Just email them, there a new company so your chance is higher

Just email them, there a new company so your chance is higher

I wanted to do something like that too, once the new site starts. I was going to go to a few companies advertising myself as a RTW hardware reviewer, (Which hopefully would be true) then do some reviews and get free stuff!

Go with Fractal, it's great to support new companies.

yup defo fractal this video should have you sold =D

why do you need a new case when that can money can be put toward a new gpu?