Fractal design Define R4 Video

On the video about the R4 was the razethew0rld logo painted on or was it a stciker?

It was hand etched by a Swiss master artisan.

It was a sticker. They have case stickers like that, I'm sure if enough people requested it they would sell them or do a giveaway on razetheworld. I have the Fractal Design Define R4, in Pearl Black, as my case and I would LOVE that sticker on the front. I have a few stickers that I am gonna put on there. Probably a Razer from my keyboard, mouse, and mousepad, a Seasonic from my PSU, an AMD from my CPU, and an OCZ Vertex one from my SSD. We should start a thread in General Discussion on Razetheworld case stickers. I'm sure Logan couldn't ignore that!