Fractal Design Define R4 Sound Damping

I was looking for the ideal case to get. I would prefer something not too bulky but something that can fit big parts. The Fractal Design Define R4 seems nice. From the videos I have noticed that it's been recommended as a case that has good sound damping.

My question is whether it is better to go with the normal case


is there no performance difference (in how loud the PC gets) if I wanted to get the case with a window panel


It is not a big deal but I do like the aesthetic of the window panel but I would prefer a quieter PC over a pretty PC. Would the window panel ruin some of the damping because one of the panels would no longer have the foam that the normal case has?

I ask all of this because I've only built one PC before and never thought about this stuff but I have a microphone in the same room as the PC so the noise can be an issue.

- Thank you in advance.

If the parts are fairly quiet in themselves then the Window could be okay, but with some noisy part(s) it's safer to have the bitumen dampening on both panels. With really noisy parts it might not matter either way, as there's only so much that a case can do.