Fractal Design Define 7 XL custom wheel 3D mod HELP please

hi, where can i download the 3D model for define 7 xl wheel mod?

i want exactly these type of wheel support 3D model please

check the first link in the description

not these… they broke in 2 weeks, i want these tekwendell/status/1233745478841487361/photo/1

Those are weaker than the ones in the thumbnail. If you do 80% infill they will not break

Ziptie was necessary as I stripped one of the screws out also. On the case. Self tapping screws from Lowe’s in that case will work. Lol

ok… i still want that design tekwendell/status/1233745478841487361/photo/1 please


CAD is very easy. Why don’t you try and model the wheels yourself? The design doesn’t seem to be very complicated


10x for help…

[Incredible Bojo (2).stl|attachment](upload://n7Lupvy09vtLFf2u8TTO3tE1ios.stl) (496.4 KB)

Incredible Bojo (2).stl (496.4 KB)

The other model is better tho

10q very much

Where can I find the latest version of the STL? As far as I can tell the link in the video description doesn’t work any longer.

Just got this case for a build and would love to put wheels on it before building it out.

Also, any links to the wheels used in the video?

Probably just a set of something like this would be my guess nothing fancy.

Thanks, I think you’re right. It looks like 7/16" or 11mm is a standard “stem” diameter.

From what I can tell in the video it looks like these may be the specific model item used:

Still looking to get ahold of the STL. I did see the version linked above. But it seems that may have been an inferior design.

Got some wheels today. It would still be cool to get ahold of the final STL for the design.

I ended up designing my own adapters and printed them out of PETG the other day. They turned out nicely. Too bad I had to re-invent the wheel (adapter).

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oops, needed to @ me, but I think the link to the other wheel set works?

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