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Let's take a gander at the Core 500 by Fractal Design. Want a smaller footprint to build your ITX gaming, workstation, or HTPC rig in? Let's see what it has to offer.

The Fractal Design Core 500 really presents a compelling option in the ITX chassis market. Small, compact, yet with tons of expansion and room for your components. With its usual Fractal Design aesthetic, you can really meld this with any theme you'd like: home theater, workstation, office, you name it. It's incredibly small footprint can allow anything from a simple office PC, to a souped up little game rig.

Want a build in the Core 500? Let us know.


Got a Core 500 perhaps? showcase your builds and attach a pic or two.

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i agree i would like to use the Core 500 for a mid budjet htpc for christmas

I want to see a HTPC rig.

Doing these case overviews and saying what is good and bad is completely biased until he actually tries to put stuff inside and make it all work.

When parts are acquired for a build :D

Skylake 6600K or 6700K + R9-Nano in there,
and you would have a bad ass Lan Syndicate gaming rig.
Its a cool little box definitely, the only bummer to me is the cover.

I have one the power plug extension is junk it puts way too much torque on the plug with a power supply installed

building a LAN SYNDICATE rig in mine!

ill edit in some pics when i'm not feeling lazy

edit: just finished the watching the review, you're stealing my build idea agent beard! lolol